Contemporary English Version

The easy-to-understand Bible using everyday words and phrases
CEV is the Contemporary English Version of the Bible, published by American Bible Society.


The CEV presents a fresh translation of the Bible using everyday words and phrases so that the Bible can be understandable by everyone.

Translation Work

The drafting, reviewing, editing, revising, and refining the CEV text of the Bible extended over ten years. This process involved more than a hundred people in the various stages of the text creation and review process.


The CEV is the 10th most popular Bible version that people read most often, according to State of the Bible 2017.

Publication Date

The CEV was first published in 1995. Two additional editions were published: one with Deuterocanonical books and one with metric measurements for the Commonwealth market.

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About the CEV

Uncompromising simplicity marked the American Bible Society’s translation of the Contemporary English Version that was first published in 1995. The text is easily read by grade schoolers, second language readers, and those who prefer the more contemporized form. The CEV is not a paraphrase; it is an accurate and faithful translation of the original manuscripts. Learn More >

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About American Bible Society

For nearly 200 years, American Bible Society has worked to share God’s Word with those who need it most, empowering more people to experience the transformative love of Jesus. As we enter our third century of ministry, we continue to carry out this mission by working to see 100 million people actively engaged with God’s Word in the United States—and by translating the Bible into 100% of languages needed to reach all people. Learn more about American Bible Society at

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